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Location & Event Schedule


SUNDAYS - Weiss Schwarz @ 3PM

MONDAYS - Open Play

TUESDAYS - Flesh & Blood @ 6PM 

WENDESDAYS - Open EDH @ 4PM / Standard Pokémon @ 6PM

THURSDAYS - Marvel Champions @ 5PM / Grand Archive @ 6PM

FRIDAYS - Open EDH @ 4PM / FNM Modern @ 6PM

SATURDAYS - Board Game Night @ 5PM / Digimon @ 6PM


2920 Buffalo Rd, Erie, PA 16510

Business Hours


4PM - 10PM


12PM - 10PM


12PM - 6PM

About Us

John Gapinski

Store Owner

In 2010, with a son on the way, John Gapinski fulfilled his life-long dream of opening a Game Store in his hometown. Now over 12 years later Game Corps has become the longest standing single owner premium game store in Erie, PA and boasts a huge variety of card singles and gaming products. With almost 5,000sq ft of play space we accommodate large gaming events regularly. From MTG pre-releases, Regional Championship Qualifiers,  Pokémon, Digimon, and Flesh and Blood events, we have a little something for everyone. Thank you for letting us serve you, to another 10!